Monday, March 4, 2013

How Do You Know When You’re Overdosing On Social Networks?

Social networks are captivating – there’s no doubt. The minds behind building the popular social media platforms of today knew exactly what they were doing and they saw it before any of us ever did. It’s a brilliant idea really – create a medium that allows people from all over the world to connect, share and collaborate like they never have been able to before in the history of the Earth. Incredible!

But an unforeseen (or potentially foreseen, but ignored) consequence is addiction. Social networks have been so good at “helping” us, but now they’re hindering us. From what you might ask? Well, ask your friends, family, parents, even children what they think. And although it is often joked about, it isn’t a joking matter.

10 Time Saving Online Colour Tools for Web Designers

Working with colours is a time consuming task for a web designer, for starters you need to pick out a color palette for your designs, then there’s all kinds of code values to remember and convert from hex to RGB.

To speed things up and make the designer’s life much easier a bunch of handy tools are available online. These tools help you pick, choose and convert your colour selections with ease for your next web design project.

Don’t Be A Victim – Your Smartphone As A Personal Safety Device

In the day of mobile devices, increasing your personal safety is easier than ever before. What creates situations of danger for anyone traveling alone is being cut off from other people that can help you. So, if you have a mobile smartphone, then you can make sure that you are connected with others at all time. Additionally, devices like smartphones and tablets offer important tools that can further improve your personal safety – like apps that make loud noises or very bright flashes of light (or both).